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EssayService review
Quality of Papers:1.3 out of 5 stars (1.3 / 5)
Prices and Discounts:1.2 out of 5 stars (1.2 / 5)
Support and Loyalty:1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

Since there are not many good EssayService reviews online, we didn’t have our hopes up for this service from the beginning. We started our review as always – by checking the website and the reputation they have with other customers. It turns out that all the Essay Service reviews in the testimonials page and the bidders’ profiles (you’ll see this when you place your order) are extremely positive. But, if you go outside their pages and read some Essay Service reviews there, you’ll hardly find any that resemble this.

It can only mean one thing – that the service is unrealistic about their quality and tries to showcase a better reputation than they have. They either handpick every EssayService review to publish on the site or write their own. Either way, it’s a bad start for this Essay Service review.

Services Offered

Everything on the pages makes it sound like you’d be ordering from an exclusively a service that sells essays. Of course, the name gives this impression too – Essay Service. Even when you click to order, you are clicking on ‘order essay’.

However, once you get to the list of choices, there is much more you’ll find. You will find everything – research papers, dissertations, homework, coursework, projects, reports, reviews, and even presentations.

This is the part of this Essay Service review where we discovered that it is a bidding company. For those who haven’t used such a service before, you place an order and wait for bidders. Then, you review the bidders and choose the one you find to be best for your order. You pick the writer and the price but take the risk of choosing the wrong one. It also takes a bit longer depending on how much you spend reviewing writers’ biographies and testimonials.

Prices and Discounts

There are perks to the bidding system, the biggest one being the price range. When you order from EssayService, you can choose your price. Most bids are for $11 per page, which is the lowest they can go. Interestingly, out of over 30 bidders, 26 decided to make the same bid and go for the lowest rate. Either they aren’t very experienced or this site is not so popular among customers.

One downside of such companies is that they cannot offer discounts, but with such low rates, there’s not much need for this. We made an order for a college paper and received a quote of $11 for a page, which is unheard of when you order from high-rated companies.


Like in other cases where the price sounds unrealistic, the quality suffered here, too. The essay we received was far worse than we could ever anticipate. When you make an order, you review bidders. The site gives you a short biography of bidders and testimonials. Interestingly, everyone who bid on our order made a low bid and had amazing testimonials. It was unbelievable to begin with.

The person we picked had an MA in our paper’s subject and amazing testimonials. But, the paper we received was definitely not written by a person with those qualifications or reputation. It was written by someone with poor English skills, bad writing skills, and who didn’t even bother to follow our instructions.


When a thing like this happens, you always rush to speak to the support. We tried everything – asking for a refund, requesting free revisions – all of it. However, the support is not the friendliest you can find. They tell you that you are choosing your writer and they do not take any responsibility for this.

This is devastating considering that they are the ones who accept the biography of writers and have to check their qualifications. It is also very frustrating because the site is full of guarantees for free revisions and other measures set in place to make customers feel safer about buying there. And most importantly, it is frustrating because of the testimonials which are definitely fake.

General Impression

After the horrible experience with the writer and even worse with the support, we were very disappointed with this company. They obviously don’t check the writers’ backgrounds when they accept the biographies since there is no way that our writer had those qualifications for real. Also, there is no way that he receives such high praise from customers considering how bad he did our paper, so the company probably publishes fake testimonials to make you choose their bidders.

Do We Recommend

With support that takes no responsibility for their writers’ work and bidders that are not honest about their capabilities and background, we recommend that you stay away from

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