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99papers review
Quality of Papers:1.2 out of 5 stars (1.2 / 5)
Prices and Discounts:2.1 out of 5 stars (2.1 / 5)
Support and Loyalty:1.7 out of 5 stars (1.7 / 5)

The person who created 99Papers had a good eye for design. However, the people behind this company obviously have something to hide. We believe this because as soon as we started scouring their pages, we realized that most of the information there is vague or incomplete.

For example, they say that customers can save hundreds of dollars in their loyalty program, but there is nothing at all about the program offers. Combine this with the bad reputation we realized they have online and you’ll be where we stand – wondering: is 99papers reliable?

Services Offered

Usually, when there is a price calculator on a writing company’s website, you can use it to see their services, too. But we had troubles doing this for our 99 Papers review. Why? Because their website is not all that functional and you cannot scroll until the end of the list when you check the calculator. If your paper is not in the immediate list options, you need to check the order form to see if they have it.

Even so, the list of services was probably one of the few good things about 99 Papers. This list has just about anything a person could ask from a paper writing service. Some of their numerous offers include:

  • Most popular papers: essays, research papers, case studies, and term papers;
  • PowerPoint presentation with or without speaker notes;
  • Dissertations, theses, and individual chapters;
  • Ghostwriting, white paper, poem writing, SEO writing;
  • Resume services;
  • Lab reports, marketing plans, multiple-choice questions;

The list of 99 Papers goes on and on. By this point of our review, we came to the conclusion that this is absolutely the biggest list we have seen. To be honest, it is a bit out of reach for a student writing company to offer content writing services for blogs and websites, resume services for job seekers, etc. They even have corporate documents and company manuals in their service list!

Prices and Discounts

According to the website, 99Papers is not cheap, it is priceless. To be fair, their prices are exceedingly low, even for otherwise expensive services like SEO content or corporate documents.

For students, most of the papers are similarly priced. For our 99Papers review, we checked and compared a few of their most popular papers. Most of them cost $9.49 per page if ordered within 15 days or more. These are really low prices!

Even dissertations which are usually high-priced are cheap here. They can only be ordered 15 days ahead, which is weird, but even for such a short deadline, their price is only $20 for a Master’s and $24.93 for a PhD level.

We dug a lot trying to figure out the discount details to include them in this 99Papers review, but our research came up with no specifics. What we know is that newcomers get an extra 5% off their initial paper, which means that most papers come at a price that’s lower than $9 per page.

This may sound amazing if you haven’t tried such cheap companies before, but our doubts about it were growing as we saw the rates. These doubts were confirmed when we read the 99Papers reviews which, unfortunately, are terrible.


Whenever we find a cheap company, this is the part where we get disappointed. In this case, we were surprised with the extremely low prices, but we were devastated by the quality.

The quality that the writers here deliver is the same as we read about in all those horrendous 99 Papers reviews. An absolute disappointment!

First, we used a plagiarism scanner to see if they’ve copied something in the dissertation chapter. They’ve copied 67% of the paper – literally. We even found the two sources they used. The writer copied the content from them, changed some of it, and literally pasted the same bibliography in our paper to make it seem like he did research.

After this disappointment, we started noticing the even bigger problem, if there’s such a thing. The parts that the writer changed were so terribly written, we could not understand a word. This was definitely not the experienced, native writer they promised.


The support of 99Papers was no help to us. We asked about the loyalty program, but they said that we should order first with the 5% discount, and they’ll tell us about this the next time we order. When we reached out again enraged because of the bad quality, they decided to avoid us altogether.

General Impression

What started as an excellent impression because of the enormous service list and petite prices turned into a huge disappointment. This service has great prices, but terrible service and writers.

Do We Recommend

A good service list and low prices are far from enough for us to recommend this service. They don’t have what it takes to be highly rated or trustworthy. This service has bad writers and bad support.

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