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I ordered from RushMyEssay not so long ago. As I do with every other online website, I always read reviews to make sure that it’s a legit service. In this case, the Rush My Essay reviews I came across were mostly on the positive notes. Students spoke highly of the writers, which for me is the most important thing about paper writing services.

When I read all those Rush My Essay reviews, I opened the website to see what their offers are like. As a student, I can’t afford to spend a fortune on an essay. Thankfully, the company isn’t at all expensive, so I could allow myself the luxury to not write a paper on my own. So, I ordered one. To learn the details about my experience, read this RushMyEssay review.

Services Offered

This part I liked a lot. The Rush My Essay website has such popularity because they offer things for everyone. I can see why students rely on them for everything – the list is huge. There isn’t a single thing I’ve written that I didn’t see in their list. They have essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, theses, reviews, reports, homework, coursework, and even some things that I’ll probably never have to do such as statistics projects, math problems, etc.

Prices and Discounts

Like any student, this part of the RushMyEssay review was the key to whether or not I’ll order. We all have a low budget, so I don’t see how the pricey company expects us to spend hundreds of dollars on an essay. Thankfully, rush my essay doesn’t. As soon as I opened their pages, I was offered a gift. They sent it to my email and it was a discount on the initial order. You can also find it on their website, so don’t worry if it doesn’t pop up when you open it.

The discount was huge – 22% with the use of a code ‘RUSH22’. This sounded amazing, but I still had to check their prices. Honestly, I expected higher prices because the discount was bigger than I’m used to. I thought that they are too expensive and this is their way to attract more people.

I was wrong. The prices are actually very good. They aren’t what I’d call the cheapest because, in my experience, there are tons of really cheap companies. But, all those companies have failed me and have a bad reputation and so far, I’ve only heard good things about this one.

It costs $21.99 without the discount to get a paper of premium quality (one page of it) within 10 days. I chose that option because students praised it the most, but there’s even a cheaper one. With the discount, my price became very good.

At the bottom of the page, I found a discount page that has even more discounts. They give 5% when you order 15-50 pages 10% when you order 51-100 pages, and 15% when you order over a hundred pages. These don’t apply to just one order. You accumulate pages and when you get to a discount, it is valid on every order you’ll make.


After prices, I’m most concerned about the quality. That’s what I’m paying for, after all. But, there was no need to be concerned here. As those students spoke in their reviews about the writers and the quality, this is a trustworthy company. I did a great choice when I selected the premium quality option. I’m a college junior, so it was enough for me. There’s an explanation of how their services go in the prices page.

Speaking of quality, I have a few things to say. The paper was written in clean English, which is a rarity these days. It had no plagiarism – I checked. And, it came on time and was very well-written.


I didn’t get much chance to speak to the support, but they reached out to me twice. Once when I was on their pages trying to figure out the discounts, they reached out via the live chat and explained everything. The second time was when I ordered. To my surprise, they offered me a revision as per their policy even before I received my paper. I usually have to beg companies when they fail me, but this one takes satisfaction really seriously.

General Impression did everything as I expected them to, even better. I didn’t need a revision and didn’t have a single complaint about service, quality, and prices.

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