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NinjaEssays review
Quality of Papers:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Prices and Discounts:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Support and Loyalty:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

NinjaEssays has a ninja-themed website, with a pretty good overall design. The yellow-on-blue color scheme provides excellent contrast, and the animations are very creative. The contact and support information is visible on the right corner, and the yellow buttons center-top makes navigation easier. At first sight, the company seems professional and straight-forward – will appearance reflect skillset? We’ll find out shortly in this NinjaEssays review.     

Services Offered

  • Essay Help

The Ninja Essays company offers all-round academic assistance. They’ll either compose an essay from scratch or provide support for papers already written. They pride themselves with over 400 professional writers, many of whom are MA or Ph.D. graduates. From the numerous online reviews, buyers seem to be generally pleased with the offered services. Many were ecstatic about getting a good grade or baling out of a tight deadline in school — very few instances of negative stories and unsatisfied clients.  

  • Dissertation Help

Ph.D. papers are high-stake tasks with little margin of error. Essay service can prove its worth by delivering flawless scientific dissertations on tight deadlines. According to a particular NinjaEssays review from one of our collaborators, the service indeed fits the highest expectations.

The handful of pages we manage to read was truly impressive. However, we can say the dissertation lacked a little bit of personality. In most cases, this is standard. Primarily because buyers don’t usually communicate enough with the service, coercing generalization from the writing service. A minority accused the writers, but we just didn’t get that negative vibe from them.   

  • Research Paper Help

Study papers are meticulous assignments that require patience, subject familiarity, and reliable references. Apart from dissertations, research papers are the most time-consuming compositions out there. Consistency is also crucial.

Fortunately, from what we managed to read ourselves and from the NinjaEssays reviews online, we can presume that the vast majority of the papers are satisfactory and consistent. We had the opportunity to take a look at one research in chemical engineering. The article was especially notable due to the extent of the investigation. 

  • Editing Service

Although we could’ve based our judgment on past Ninja Essays reviews and acquired works, we decided to arrange a quick and inexpensive test. We sent in a couple of tricky papers for editing on an urgent deadline of three hours. Our team did the best to set up traps and hidden errors. Nonetheless, the result was impeccable. They’ve fixed all structural, typographical, stylistic, and grammatical errors.

  • Proofreading

Proofreading is an attention-based task. Many clients seem to hire the company for proofreading and not just students. In any case, we’re heavily inclined to believe that the service is on point. We couldn’t find dissatisfied customers, nor have we observed typos or any kind of errors in past submissions.

  • Formatting

Formatting was consistent throughout our examinations. They use a clear and minimalistic methodology when structuring the file. Readability seems to be the standard priority in most papers we analyzed.   

Prices and Discounts

The writing company has a 15% discount for the first order. We benefited from the discount. Also, the service has an offer for bulk orders:

  • 15+ pages for 5% off
  • 51+ pages for 10% off
  • 101+ pages for 15% off


To conclude this Ninja Essays review and to judge the overall quality, we had to place another order through the service. We ordered a premium quality essay on English literature with a three-day deadline for $92.97.

The file came back to us in 62 hours since the placement of the order. The overall content was excellent. The writer presented the information well in a clear and readable structure. There were some stylistic choices we didn’t agree with, but nothing severe. For the price, we were more than delighted with the work. Also, we passed the text through both Copyscape and Grammarly, and it came out 100% unique.     


The 24/7 live chat and toll-free US number work around the clock. The customer service is qualified, reassuring, and efficient. We asked some very repetitive questions, and the service demonstrated patience and professionalism. In this business, customer service is fundamental in treating different people successfully.

We also scanned the internet for Ninja Essays reviews. Apart from very few instances of complaints, the vast majority of people were content with the customer service.

General Impression

We generally feel very positive about the service. All our orders were adequate, on time, and with no plagiarism. The writing is more than acceptable, with just some stylistic errors here and there. The website’s customer service works, and the writers seem perfectly capable of handling complex orders. The very few negative reviews we read online doesn’t reflect our experience.

Do We Recommend

Yes. We can conclude by saying that our experience with the service was almost perfect. We recommend it for all kinds of intellectual works, within the deadlines offered. The review tested the service and analyzed online stories about the business. All in all, the service is legit.  

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