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Grademiners review
Quality of Papers:0.9 out of 5 stars (0.9 / 5)
Prices and Discounts:1.3 out of 5 stars (1.3 / 5)
Support and Loyalty:0.9 out of 5 stars (0.9 / 5)

Apparently, there are 56 thousand of students that use GradeMiners to get their essays. Or at least, that’s the first thing you will read on the company’s website. Naturally, we dig deeper into our research, which is why we went through all the pages and checked the actual success of to determine if this is the truth. The results were contradictory at first considering that many of the Grademiners reviews are negative – but only outside of the website. If you check the site, all you’ll find are amazing comments and extravagant statements that point out how masterful this essay writing service is. Now, if you want to uncover the truth about them, go through our review.

Services Offered

At first, the list looks pretty grand. But, there are many similar services, or the same service split into little ordered parts. This is good considering how offers to assist you with any part of a dissertation. But if you eliminate the similar pieces, you get a more limited list.

Even so, this service covers all the basic papers students demand. They have essays, dissertations, term papers, editing services, proofreading services, research papers, article reviews, etc. This part of our Grademiners review was satisfying, so we moved onto the next step – pricing.

Prices and Discounts

This is a considerably cheap service. The price isn’t extremely low as we’ve come across, but it’s lower from what we’re used to when it comes to services known to write best college essays. It’s a really competitive list – one that begins at $14.03 to $25.43 for a deadline of 20 days and goes up to $42.79 to $53.43 for their tightest deadline.

The thing that came as the biggest surprise was the shortest deadline. Unlike anything we’ve seen so far, this company gives a deadline of 1 hour and 2 hours. You hardly ever find this somewhere. And while it might be considered a great chance if you forgot about a paper that’s due in a very short timeframe, we don’t see how anyone could write good college essays within such a short time, not even highly experienced professionals. It simply leaves them with very little time do to research, write, and edit the paper – not to mention that you can literally order as big a paper as you want!

Discounts are also somewhat unexpected. The first-time discount varies throughout the year, and it is often non-existent. They have many special offers that go from 5% to 30% as a first-time discount, but every once in awhile, we came across a Grademiners review that mentions that the company didn’t have a special offer. So, these offers are far from fixed.

As for the loyalty program, it’s based on bonuses and not on how often you order there. You don’t get fixed discounts, but a bonus on the papers’ amounts you’ve spent in the past. The first order gets you 10% bonus to use on the next order, while every consequent purchase gives you 5% bonus. Grademiners does not have a bad offer at all, though it is a bit inconvenient since you get bigger discounts as long as you spend more, no matter how often you use the company.


Everything so far about Grademiners was acceptable, but this part made us give them one of the lowest ratings on this website. Similar to TrustMyPaper review, the quality is incredibly bad, so bad that we don’t see people making use of the bonus program after they’ve received a paper.

The one we got had so many mistakes, it could hardly be edited and fixed. It also contained over 40% of plagiarism, something that’s unacceptable and should result in a refund.


That’s exactly what we told the agents from Grade Miners when we approached them regarding the order we received. But, they didn’t respond well. First, we waited for over 15 minutes to get contacted with a solution. When this happened, the agent just said that we aren’t entitled to a revision or a refund, without providing any explanation. They went as far as to tell us that any further complaints will be disregarded and not to contact them again!

We thought that the most terrible custom support was at GrabMyEssay what we described in GrabMyEssay review, but GradeMiners outdid that.

General Impression

As you can imagine, after our bad experience with a seemingly good service, we were frustrated. The support did nothing to fix a grand problem, not even when we presented them with proof of their errors and a plagiarism report. This company might have ranked well in terms of services and prices, but when it comes to quality and support – they disappoint at the least.

Do We Recommend

Honestly, we cannot recommend GradeMiners under any circumstances. The company presents itself as a real treasure for students, but it’s the opposite in terms of quality and service.

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