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EssayUSA review
Quality of Papers:1.2 out of 5 stars (1.2 / 5)
Prices and Discounts:1.4 out of 5 stars (1.4 / 5)
Support and Loyalty:1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

Even on first sight, looks a bit unsafe. Why? Because to write this review, we read through their homepage and the rest of the pages and found countless mistakes in their promotional content. This is not very promising considering that it is a service that offers to write your academic papers from scratch.

Many other things indicated that this might not be the ‘best essay writing service USA’. First of all, there are EssayUSA reviews. The Essay USA reviews on their testimonials page are all amazing, each better than the next one. However, this company is only popular on their own website, which we can assume is a marketing trick.

Secondly, they say that they work with native writers only at one point, but ask you to pay 25% extra for a native or advanced writer later on. All these were really bad signs for this EssayUSA review, which is why you should definitely read the rest of it.

Services Offered

We found every academic service on their service list, which was great. However, we also found some very strange choices. Why does the company offer wedding speeches in the midst of all academic papers? They offer projects like programming and presentations, as well as papers like essays and dissertations. We can understand why they’d offer a graduation speech considering that this is an academic website. Still, their choice for services like ‘wedding speeches’ is really strange.

That’s not even the strangest thing in this Essay USA review. As mentioned above in the Essay USA review, this company says to work with only native writers. But, when you open the prices page or order form, they literally ask you to pay 25% on top of your order for an advanced and/or native writer. This undoubtedly means that they lied about their writers, and it definitely makes it a bit more expensive company than we originally believed.

Prices and Discounts

It’s no wonder why this company hasn’t deserved a spot in a list of best paper writing services. No service with such low prices can provide quality papers. They charge $9 per page, which is pretty much the lowest you can get these days. In fact, Essay USA charges $19.99 per page for a deadline of just 24 hours, which is the price students pay to get their papers in 10 days or 14 days in high-rated companies.

Still, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay 25% extra to get an actual native writer from this company. This increases the price significantly, but it is still a really cheap service.

Discounts are extra trouble on this website. They say they have newcomers’ and loyalty discounts, but that is it! There is no more information on the website about existing discounts. So, we spoke to support and asked for one. Apparently, this really cheap company gives 10% to new customers! They didn’t want to tell us what they offer as a loyalty program, which was very unprofessional. Even so, their 10% on those ridiculously low prices was surely not something we expected. We ended up paying less than $15 for a page even after we paid their 25% fee to get a native writer.


The quality of service at EssayUSA is as disastrous as their reputation told us. This is a very low-rated company so we can see how tempted students can be to buy here. However, you should know that even though we paid 25% extra, the writer was still definitely not a native English speaker.

The paper had so many mistakes in it and was not written by someone with good knowledge of the English language. This was evident in the number of mistakes in it. It also contained 48% of plagiarism, which makes for almost half of the content. Most of the content was unusable, partly because of the plagiarism and partly because we couldn’t even understand what the writer was trying to say.


EssayUSA has a bot as support. You’ll be talking to automated software, so responses will come fast. Thankfully, when we asked for a first-time discount, they sent us a code instantly. This was well programmed into the live chat. However, when we reached out to complain about the quality, the bot had no relevant answers. In fact, after some time, we got a message ‘We’ll be right with you’ and no one replied for 2 hours after that.

General Impression

It is evident why some students get tempted to buy from this company – they promise to be the best, have amazing prices, and will even give you 10% discount as a new customer. But, you shouldn’t be too eager to buy here. Their quality is bad to say the least. They use non-native writers, copy content, and don’t take any responsibility for this.

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