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EssayHave review
Quality of Papers:1.3 out of 5 stars (1.3 / 5)
Prices and Discounts:1.1 out of 5 stars (1.1 / 5)
Support and Loyalty:1.7 out of 5 stars (1.7 / 5)

On the interface, Essay Have looks catchy and pretty much fun to navigate. But not all that glitter is gold, and so it proved with a layout and system that doesn’t bode well for potential customers.

The homepage has a splatter of features like something out of an animation strip. Also, visitors are immediately urged to relax with their wishes being the command that EssayHave is supposed to turn to reality. But can you really relax? We’re about to find out.

We did a bit of reconnaissance though, by ordering a paper to provide you with an ideal and detailed review.

Services Offered

For such a website that claims to provide essential services in terms of writing and solving problems, our reviews revealed that there was no significant tab or page with clear indications about the services they provide.

If you’re visiting the homepage for the first time, you’ll find that highlighted way below the page. There, some services are listed, including essay writing service, custom writing, research paper, thesis, math homework help, and others.

On the whole, we expected EssayHave to have a bit of class with respect to their services. As such, a good list of the range of services they offer would suffice for most users, including students. But until you want something, it’s difficult telling what they’re actually about.

Furthermore, you’ll have to click on the order or one of the highlighted services before a list of purported services pop up. Awkward really.

Prices and Discounts

Our EssayHave review is not complete without stating how disappointed we were to find out there wasn’t any discount. The best you could hope for is creating an order a long time before its due. This way, you can have the writers working on it at a reduced cost.

Returning writers and other frequent customers also don’t benefit in any form of way. For example, academic content for year 1-2 students spanning five days would cost $20, while the same time frame for year 3-4 would take $24.

What sticks though, is that there are no discounts for any order, thus making it difficult to subscribe to their services. They attribute the high pricing to quality services. A claim anyone would make about themselves.


We felt a lot let down here.

No doubt, a lot of students would have felt the same way. The EssayHave review further showed that students suffered a rip-off. We got to this conclusion having ordered for a term paper due in 3 days, and coming in at a rather fair $22 price. It came at least 30 minutes before the deadline. But of what good is that with the content riddled with basic and avoidable errors? It was disheartening.

That wasn’t all though. Punctuations were poorly used, and the specific word count was met with a lot of filler words. Everything seemed done at a faster pace without the consummate or necessary research. This was a poor reflection on their acclaimed highly-skilled and professional writers.

As part of our EssayHave reviews, we demanded a revision. This site claims to do any number of revisions you want, but perhaps they should focus more on quality. They didn’t deliver, and after the long process we’d have to go through to get our money back, we gave up on the process.


On the homepage, there’s a call and chat feature customers can use to contact service providers. But our Essay Have reviews team noticed that it takes time to get a hit or response. Further, they seemed to be waiting in anticipation of a problem, much like the poor order they delivered.

The revision we wanted eventually arrived but it seems the support service failed to pass on our grievances adequately. This is because there were fewer errors, but the errors were present nonetheless. It was basically reworked with ideas that were distant from what we requested.

Overall Impression

Our impression after performing this Essay Have review is that it leaves much to be desired. It’s not a bad writing service, but it’s just about average at best. The paper we ordered was for an undergrad year 1-2 assignment, but they couldn’t get it right. Imagine the disaster if it had been a major paper. They clearly have their work cut out for them.

Do We Recommend

No, we do not recommend this writing company.

They’re expensive and do not offer enough quality and support. As such, it would be wrong to recommend their services to any student who wants better results. Whether that includes higher GPAs, credibility for your thesis, or that admission process, it’s not a service you want to rely on. However, if they can apply major tweaks to the way they operate, perhaps we’ll urge you to use their services.

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