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December 20, 2019



We are a team of three holders of MA in Education. We work on online projects that help students learn better, be more productive, and get their degrees on time. We’re aware of the fact that the best essay writers online are necessary for today’s students. Here’s a secret: we’ve been relying on their services throughout our studies, too.

As educators, we develop online courses and blogs that teach students how to learn. This project for reviewing writing services is part of our attempts to improve the educational industry. We know that the pressure on an average student is HUGE. The courses are too many, the assignments are too complex, and the time is too limited. It’s not your fault for not being able to complete everything on time. It’s the system’s fault. It’s not tailored in accordance to a student’s abilities.

How Do We Help You To Order Good Papers Online?

Our mission is to assist students in their journey towards a degree. We know that no matter how committed you are, you can’t complete all assignments without delegating at least part of the work. That’s why we provide our reviews.

  • The process of reviewing starts with a simple list. This is where we add all the services that we plan to review. We start with the most popular companies, which students are most likely to hire. But we’re not too selective. We want to review all websites, so we constantly make progress through the list and publish new reviews at our site.
  • We evaluate all aspects of the service. Our goal is to guide students towards user-friendly services that deliver extraordinary quality. We order at least one paper from the agency we review, so we can inform you about the experience and the quality we get.
  • We give you structured reviews that you can compare.

When you see that a service ranked well in our reviewing system, you can be sure that it has a good cost/quality ratio. Its customers get great papers without any plagiarism, missed deadlines, or customer support issues. We only recommend the services that deserve a student’s attention.

Essay Hunters is a totally independent, unbiased service. We attracted a community of students around our website. Everyone contributes to our reviews with their own recommendations and warnings.

We have a goal to help all students get content of the finest quality when they order papers online.