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123HelpMe review
Quality of Papers:1.1 out of 5 stars (1.1 / 5)
Prices and Discounts:1.9 out of 5 stars (1.9 / 5)
Support and Loyalty:2.3 out of 5 stars (2.3 / 5)

“Free essays, term papers, research paper, and book report” – now that sounds like a great claim! When a student is looking through essay websites, the high prices strike them. Not many people expect to pay around $20 per page for high-quality content. But when you realize that the writers chose to do this as a profession after earning a graduate degree, you get it: high-quality content costs money.

So when we see a claim like the one that 123HelpMe makes, we’re puzzled. Is it possible to get a unique paper for free? No. And you’re not getting such a paper here. It’s just a library of pre-written papers that you can download. For free? Not so much. You actually pay for them.

We went through several 123 Help Me reviews, and most students were disappointed with the misleading claims at this site. We got a paper there, so we can share our very own 123HelpMe review.

Services Offered

  • All Kinds of Essays

123 HelpMe is mostly focused on essay services. We’re not saying essay writing services since you’re not getting a paper written from scratch here. But you can download argumentative, informative, personal, classification, descriptive, and persuasive essays here.

  • Research Papers

You’ll find a limited selection of research papers on different topics here.

  • Term Papers

The term papers are usually short on this website (below 2000 words). It’s not a real term paper like a university professor would require.

That’s it. If you need a book review, case study, thesis, dissertation chapter, or any other kind of paper, you won’t find it here.

Prices and Discounts

The selection of free papers is very limited. 123 Help Me doesn’t give you free access to the content of better quality. That’s actually a good thing. If all content was free, many other students would have access to it. Others would submit the same paper that you would get.

On the other side, it’s still not good enough. To get a better paper, you’ll pay between $15 and $35. It’s an affordable price, but keep in mind that 123HelpMe is offering old papers that many other students have submitted before. Your professors have seen some of them. They have internal systems that detect plagiarism by comparing new papers to the database. You’re making a huge risk by submitting pre-written content, and you’re still paying for it.

We see a big problem with the fact that the service is not clear about its pricing. They claim that they offer papers for free. Then they ask you to subscribe as a user to get access to free content. When you try to download a paper, you realize that you have to pay for it.


The free essays are really, really bad. We’d advise students not to submit them… ever! You can’t even get inspired by them. It’s like an average high-school student wrote an essay below their personal average.

There are better papers at 123 Help Me, but you have to pay for them. To get access, you’ll have to provide your email address and payment information. This service is known for sending countless spam messages.


There’s no support system on this website. We tried contacting them after downloading a paper that we paid for. We weren’t too happy with its quality, so we were wondering if we could get a refund. There’s no such thing here. No one guarantees uniqueness, revisions, or refunds. It’s not your standard writing service of high quality, so you can’t expect full support.

We searched for 123HelpMe reviews online and we realized that many customers were unhappy with the way they were treated. After downloading a paper, you can’t contact anyone and you won’t get a refund if you’re not happy with the result. Sure; the preview feature gives you a glimpse into the paper. But the introduction is usually better than the rest of the paper, so you might be surprised in a bad way.

General Impression

We agree with most 123HelpMe reviews, which convey the dissatisfaction of users. The website promises free papers. You’re not getting good content for free here. The essays that are free are ridiculous. The ones you pay for are not unique.

There are many negative surprises with this company. We didn’t get the quality we expected, and we couldn’t get a refund. There’s no support system to recover the damage.

Do We Recommend

To sum up, our 123 Help Me review, we’ll make a clear statement: downloading pre-written papers is never a good idea! You can get them if you want the content to serve as your inspiration. You’ll look through the sources that are referenced, you’ll get inspired by the arguments and you’ll write your own content.

If you need an essay that’s ready to be submitted, this is not the place where you can get it. The content has been reused many times, so you’re making a real risk of being caught in plagiarism.

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